Your Five Year Old Can Learn To Code With An iPad App

As many of you have experienced, Scratch and Makey Makey go together like playing kittens. ScratchJr has just been released and Jordan Shapiro (@jordosh) spoke with Mitch Resnick (@mres) about that and the Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group. The interview is a great insight into some of the core ideas drove the creation of Scratch and also Makey Makey.

For me, “play” is not just an activity (like “playing a game”) but a style of interacting with the world. A playful approach involves trying new things, testing boundaries, taking risks, exploring what’s possible, iterating again and again. A playful approach is essential for creativity and innovation — and creativity is more important in today’s world than ever before.

scratch jr screenshot

The Second "Coding with Scratch" Pursuitery Challenge

Pursuitery (@Pursuitery) have released the second of the "Coding with Scratch" challenges. This time it's a maze game:

This week we will create a maze for our characters to explore and escape. The maze represents obstacles for your characters in your story. Your maze will include walls to navigate as well as challenges to overcome. Maze games are some of the oldest computer games around. The classic game Rogue used letters and symbols for their game.


Join the fun, earn your Scratch Ninja badge and win a Makey Makey.