Creating Computer Games with Makey Makey and Scratch

Alicia Bunting (@aliciab78) gave this great article by Amy Koester (@amyeileenk) a shout out. Amy covers her experience of using Makey Makey as part of a mobile computer lab - creating a mobile maker programme. Super simple, super smart:

Last week, I took advantage of two newer additions to my library district's programming supplies to offer a school-age STEAM maker program. I had sent to my branch one of our mobile computer labs--8 laptops, plus an instructor laptop, so those of us without dedicated program computer lab space can offer computer programs--and a kit of MaKey MaKeys, and a group of 9-12 year olds and I set to creating our own computer games with the added excitement of using the MaKeys to play them. Here's what we did.


Coders, Innovators, Makers: Creating a Library Makerspace

Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) is raising money for a library Makerspace. He's using DonorsChoose (@DonorsChoose) to make it happen.


Our library embraces a makerspace culture where every student has an opportunity to dream, innovate, create, and share those creations with a global audience. Last year, we began building our makerspace and makerspace culture by participating in hour of code and receiving a 3D printer from Donors Choose. This year, we have big plans for expanding our makerspace to include littleBits, Hummingbird robotics, Sphero, and MaKey MaKey kits. Our local budget can only support a portion of what we hope to do.

Libraries were such a big part of our lives as kids (and now for our kids) so we're really happy to support the project.

Maker Monday: Electricity by Claudia Haines

Claudia Haines, a young people’s librarian in Alaska, writes about using Makey Makey as part of a library maker programme:

This summer’s Maker Monday programs (for ages 8-18) have included a variety of opportunities to explore and create. During a recent Monday, a gaggle of kids and teens joined us at the library to learn about electricity and play with some new toys. After sharing the Makey Makey with preschoolers during a storytime the previous week, I wanted to include older kids in the fun. Along with the BrushBots we made, the Makey Makey offers a perfect tool for talking about electricity in a way that makes the learning process fun and relevant.