Fruit Loops — no tin foil needed. (@technicallyPHL) covers the Drexel's Summer Music Technology Program:

Malcolm Lampkin turned a kiwi into a keyboard last week.

He designed musical loops in Apple’s Garage Band app, hooked a computer up to the kiwi (and a banana and an apple) via a MaKey MaKey kit and called it Fruit Loops — no tin foil needed.

“Fruits are great conductors,” Lampkin, 15, of Horsham, said, “because of the juices.”


Making conductive Play dough (in German)

Guido Brombach ‏(@gibro) has provided this great tutorial for making conductive (and edible!) play dough. It's in German, but Google translate does a great job of translating it to English. Play Doh(tm) and play dough is one of our favorite Makey Makey interfaces!