Bring Your Game(design) Skills!

Joylabz is looking for a contract graphic artist to develop 2D graphic assets for games to be used with Makey Makey. This position will help create interactive games that are part of a broader educational toolkit to reinvent how the world thinks about gaming.


  • Design 2D animation, characters, and environments that are styled for our brand
  • Design UI elements for navigation of game menus including icons and motion graphics
  • Create clean final game art assets and animated content for the developer

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Solid visual design sense with ability to draw and communicate visually (may need to sketch ideas) Have an art portfolio including 8-bit style pixel or voxel art
  • Expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and your preferred 3D modeling software. Expertise in managing asset deliver pipeline - you will need to deliver final production assets
  • Experience with delivering 2D assets using web technologies (HTML and CSS) a big plus.
  • Experience with 2D animation, and/or creating art for animation
  • Excellent time-management skills for working remotely and ability to meet deadlines under pressure
  • You work independently, however are quick to ask for help / opinions when stuck or to ensure your ideas are on the right track. We are geographically distributed team... so this is super important!
  • A passion for education or gaming.

Education and Experience:

  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, Animation, Visual Communication, or similar
  • 2 - 3 Years of experience in a digital graphic art

Position Pluses:

  • Experience in Scratch
  • Experience in the Maker Community
  • Experience in game or ed tech development, design, and UI/UX

Email with a cover letter, resume, and attachment or link to your portfolio.

Pew pew!

Rethinking Pink & Blue: De-gendering Tech for Tots

Jay is part of a proposed SXSW panel. Please pop over and give it a thumbs up.

From Amazon’s recent removal of their boy and girl categories for toys, to Facebook’s redesign of their “Friend” logo to make the female and male silhouettes equal, the tech industry is in the early stages of re-examining its representations of gender. Design is often at the heart of defining these gender roles, which can begin at a young age with toys. This panel will discuss the recent movement to de-gender design in the tech world, how start-ups are leading the revolution, and why it’s good for business.

Forbes: What Cutting Edge Looks Like In A School In 2015

Jenn Choi gives Makey Makey a huge shoutout for 2015 back-to-school:

If your child’s teacher was using the Makey Makey in her classroom, consider yourself unbelievably lucky. Because Makey Makey has limitless possibilities, any teacher who has found a way to use them is likely a teacher who really knows what she’s doing.

Spanish (Dual Language) Lesson Plan

Appropriate for grade levels MS to HS

Scratch is a great platform for incorporating Makey Makey into the classroom. This lesson plan is divided for students new to Scratch and students who are more advanced in coding with Scratch. This is also a great lesson to incorporate classroom knowledge AFTER completing the Game Controller Challenge.

Click here for the full lesson plan.

Math/Science Classify and Sort Lesson Plan

Appropriate for grade levels 4th to 9th

Inspired by Makey Makey Operation game and cardboard sorting machine workshop by Jeff Branson of Sparkfun, you'll finally have a reason to make an Operation game, ahem, I mean sorting game with Makey Makey!

Click here for the full lesson plan.

Simple Circuits Challenge

Appropriate for grade levels 4th to 8th

Simple Circuit: To complete a simple circuit, you must create a loop for the electrons to flow. So you need to get power from your power source to the LED and back to the power source. If you build a successful current, your light will shine! In this lab, you will create your own simple circuits with Makey Makey and once you've mastered that, you'll move on to parallel circuits. Lastly, you'll create your own DIY switch with Makey Makey!

Click here for the full lesson plan.

Musical Water Lesson Plan

Appropriate for grade levels ES to HS (with adaptations)

Don't know coding? Want to dip your feet in the Makey Makey pool with minimal start up or fuss? Then this is the lesson for you! Let students explore soundscapes with real objects in this musical water lesson that utilizes a key mapping software called Soundplant.

Click here for the full lesson plan.

ELA Logic Puzzles Lesson Plan

Appropriate for grade levels ES-HS

With just a little programming instruction, your students will be able to incorporate real life objects with rhyming riddles to construct a logic puzzle in Scratch.

Click here for the full lesson plan.

Interactive Word Problem Posters

Appropriate for grade levels 4th to HS

Kids always struggle with word problems. Why not have them create their own word problems as an interactive poster? With Makey Makey you can help your kinesthetic learners write, answer, and share their own word problems in Scratch.

Click here for the full lesson plan.