Introducing the STEM Pack

Classroom Invention Literacy Kit

We're launching this giant new box of Makey Makeys; perfect for classrooms, museums, homeschools, workshop teachers, and anyone else that wants all their Makey Makeys in a really nicely organized briefcase - the distillation of 12 Makey Makeys and 12 booster packs with some extra parts for when you want to invent something even bigger.

The Makey Makey STEM Pack contains 12 Makey Makey Classics, 12 alligator clips 6ft, 12 connector wires 6ft, 72 extra alligator clips, 144 connector wires for the back, 12 Makey Makey optimized conductive graphite pencils, and a super cool case to keep it all tidy.

Each of the 12 Makey Makeys has its own box that comes out of the case containing the Makey Makey, USB cable, 7 alligator clips, 6 connector wires, and how-to booklet.

The STEM pack comes at a time when we're expanding the resources available to teachers that bring Makey Makey into their classrooms. We're finding teachers across subjects use Makey Makey to create physical interfaces to all kinds of work being done on computers, from hacking poetry to sculpting the digestive system to exploring art history, not to mention game design and circuitry.

We've created Makey Makey Labz, a platform for people to share project guides and lesson plans. We're training partners at science centers to give Makey Makey teacher trainings. And now, a Makey Makey STEM pack to tie it all together. We can't wait to see what the teachers and students of the world invent next!

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