Original Packaging

This week Jay sent around an email with the original list of sayings put together for the Makey Makey packaging in 2012. It's funny to see what's still around and what has faded into the background over the years.

Anyway - here's the list!

  • What is Civil Disobedience in a digital era?
  • Be stoked
  • The World is your Construction Kit
  • Search the internet for: Sir Ken Robinson cartoon
  • "[I] don’t ask what the world needs. [I] ask what makes [me] come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman
  • Warning! Extended usage may result in creative confidence!!!
  • Search the internet for: TED Makey Makey
  • Warning! If you remake your world, some governments and corporations may crumble!!!
  • Consume Makerism
  • Paths through life are as many as humans in the world!
  • Is love the answer?
  • What can I make in the next 3 minutes?
  • Pardon me, but my Banana Piano is not for sale!
  • I care
  • Image Search the web for: Andy Goldsworthy
  • Makers: Humans who Change the World one Tiny little Piece at a Time
  • The world I want to live in is one made not by 10 scientists, 100 designers, or 1000 politicians, but one built by Seven Billion pairs of hands
  • What can I make for a friend that would make them cry from happiness?
  • Feel it, think it, say it, write it, build it, change the world!
  • My mom is a maker
  • Learn How to Learn
  • Search the internet for: Maker Faire
  • Your simple daily and nightly self determination may very well change the course of history
  • Banana ________
  • What can I make to get the world laughing?
  • What happens when I touch a flower?