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Reaching 95% Invention Literacy


Enjoy a casual chat with the co-inventor of Makey Makey (Jay Silver) and Maker Enthusiast/Teacher Librarian (Colleen Graves) about the importance of Invention Literacy as a missing literacy in education. As Jay defines it, "Invention literacy is the ability to read and write human made stuff, from toasters to apps." We believe it is important to teach our students how the world works. In this core convo, we will discuss how to increase invention literacy on your campus by helping students "learn to read and write the world they live in."

The World Needs More Inventors, Starting With Kids


When was the last time you invented something? If you can’t remember, there’s a reason. The world as a whole hasn’t been focused enough on encouraging innovation especially in classrooms. We can’t fix this issue overnight, but we have the resources from Maker Labs, STEM toys , and design workshops to start closing the gap. As world citizens, it’s our responsibility to spark change and make these resources widely accessible to students, educators, parents and more. Join Jay Silver and Danielle Applestone as they have a conversation moderated by Emily Pilloton on how to inspire our diverse world to be more creative and engaged in STEM education.

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