Mary Oliver - Morgan Bolender

This is ‪JoyLabz‬ first ever musician sponsorship! Inspired by hearing the lyrics to Mary Oliver we became the Fairy Godparent of Morgan's music video. Our mission of inspiring ‪Creative Confidence totally‬ overlaps.

Here's a sampling of some lyrics (out of order):
- Go on and make yourself a life you don't want to be rescued from
- Do you remember Who you were before they told you Who to be
- I know that it's scary to jump into the wind but what if I told you that the wind opens up your wings
- What are you going to do with your vast and precious life?
- So what's it gonna be? Are you living your life. Or someone else's dreams

Congratulations Morgan Bolender on your amazingly inspiring song. Thanks for letting us be a tiny part of it.
We can't wait to see what you do next!!!