Going Bananas at SXSW

Last month we all headed out from our respective hometowns and went to Austin for SXSW Create ("The hardware hacking and maker arm of SXSW")!

The JoyLabz team is spread out all over the country (and world), so once each year we all get together for a cool event. This year, SXSW!

For our booth we ordered 27 plants and wired them all up to create a musical forest. Beth and Dave built this beautiful hand railing for hikers to hold on to while traversing the treacherous terrain. The railing was also hooked up to EARTH so that visitors could complete the circuit in each plant to create a sound.

For those of you who asked what program we were running with the plants, see makeymakey.com/plants for the script Beau wrote.

We ran some fun contests for people to win Makey Makeys, including this challenge for people to say "Makey Makey GO" 10x times in 6:00 seconds!

And this one, which no one took advantage of.

There were a couple of other really cool Makey Makey inventions at SXSW Create, including the Thinkery's Rock Band game. Players had to identify which rocks were conductive, and then. . . rock out on them. Pretty great.

We had a really great time. We ate tons of really great food, met tons of really nice people, and saw some really cool stuff. We missed you, Rachel and Jay and Tom!

As the sun was setting on our last day, we managed to find a nice green lawn to take a little family-photo. Thanks, Austin!