Q&A With Makey Makey Jedi Lucas Steuber [Video]

Watch the Q&A with Makey Makey Jedi Lucas Steuber!

Lucas is a Speech/Language Pathologist based in Portland, OR at LanguageCraft, a clinic, think tank, and research and development group where they work on hackcessable assistive technology. He has started Hackcess meet up groups that use Makey Makeys to create specialized interfaces for computers.

Lucas was also on the team that created the app FreeSpeech, an app that lets children compose grammatical English sentences by moving words like building blocks.

Our very own Tom Heck will be interviewing Lucas and other Makey Makey Jedi educators over the coming months to learn more about the ways people are Makey Making in the classroom and beyond.

You can read more about LanguageCraft here, and join in the Q&A at:
2:00pm EST
Thursday April 14th

Here's Lucas now. . .