1st Official Makey Makey Teacher Training

Our very own Tom Heck ran his first offical Makey Makey workshop this week at the YMCA Campfire Conference! An annual conference for YMCA camp educators.

This year the conference had a focus on STEM education, so Makey Makey seemed to fit in well with the craft skills many of the attendees were already strong in while including elements of computer science the participants were interested bringing to their camps.

At the workshop they made instruments, built a team-building two-person Tetris controller, and discussed how each camp could use Makey Makeys to make their campus more interactive with things like high-fiving welcome robots made of cardboard.

The annual Campfire Conference is held at the old campus of Black Mountain College where a few decades ago you could find the likes of Buckminster Fuller. It seems like the energy for invention has remained there all these years!

Stay tuned to learn about more Makey Makey teacher trainings coming to a conference near you.