Makey Makey GO!

We are a GO

We're super happy to announce the release of Makey Makey GO!

The GO is a smaller, simpler, mobiler Makey Makey designed for inventing on the GO. It uses capacitive sensing like a touch screen, instead of the resistive sensing in Makey Makey Classic where you close a circuit to trigger a signal. This means that the GO uses just one alligator clip, which goes nicely with the one input that it has to invent with (again with the simplicity).

The Makey Makey GO launched on Kickstarter on May 11th, 2015, where we met our goal in 69 minutes, closing out two months later at 1971% of our goal with support from 3,991 backers. The campaign was super fun! We brought some prototypes to Maker Faire to show off, we demonstrated its versatility as a fitness tracker, and we held a meme contest!

GOs are now available in our shop - as well as the Makey Makey Booster Kit that we made for the Kickstarter campaign! The Booster Kit comes with 6ft alligator wires, conductive fabric, conductive tape, and an optimized conductive pencil!

Now that the GO is out in the world, we're really excited to see what people will make with it! Send us your projects on Twitter, Facebook, and our gallery page!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who support the campaign!