Referenced on The Simpsons

See the clip on Jay's cellphone!

That's right everyone, Makey Makey was referenced on The Simpsons. Last Sunday, November 8th 2015, in the 6th episode of the 27th season, the 580th Episode ever, Lenny Leonard uttered two Magic Words: "Makey Makey."

Homer finds this cool chair that he really wants but can't afford. Carl suggests to Homer that he jump on the crowdfunding bandwagon and Lenny says "Thanks to crowdfunding we have Makey Makey Computers," and just like that. . . referenced on The Simpsons.

Lenny goes on to namedrop "the 3Doodler pen, and Zach Braff's generation defining dud 'wish I was here'" as other crowdfunded projects.

Now try to remember all this; it might come up at Simpsons trivia night some day.