We Are Fine, We'll Be Fine

We Are Fine, We'll Be Fine is an auditory and tactile experience played on a wooden game board exploring people's stories about marginalization, oppression and the navigating hope for the future.
- wearefine.ca

Players unravel stories by holding hands and touching different icons on the game board. This sends signals from the board, through the players hands, into a Makey Makey hidden underneath and into a computer that plays audio recordings of stories the team collected. As they progress towards the center of the board, more stories emerge.

Each story relates to people's experiences with oppression, marginalization and their hopes for the future

They wanted to find a way to not only emphasize these stories but also deliver them through meaningful interactions fitting the game's themes.


Team Sagittarius will be exhibiting We Are Fine, We'll Be Fine from 3:00pm - 4:00pm on October 25th at the Gaming For Everyone Pavilion at IndieCade in Culver City, CA.

We Are Fine, We'll Be Fine was created by Team Sagittarius, a collective consisting of Hope Erin Phillips, Raoul Olou and Nicole Pacampara.

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