From 'Simple' to 'Sensational'

New Makey Makey Boxes

Earlier this year we completely overhauled Makey Makey’s packaging...

Ah come on guys! It’s what’s inside that counts!

We wholeheartedly agree. However, the original green Makey Makey box was an ad hoc solution.

“After the first Kickstarter, we knew we’d need to ship our product in something,” Jay explains. “But we were completely enthralled with product and user experience. The packaging was a last minute thing. We went with the simplest type of box, and I happened to live on an ashram next door to a design wizard who said ‘I can design you a box in a couple days.’ Boom instant box. And so it was for a few years.”

In line with Makey Makey’s leap in popularity, this Christmas it’ll make its big box store debut.

Following a personal intuition, Jay and the team decided to work with Chicago-based design agency, Merge. However, Jay was determined not to sell a ‘product’ in the conventional sense.

“Makey Makey as an ‘object’ really isn’t all that interesting; it’s the creative behavior that it enables as a tool that matters. It’s the world reconsidered. The new packaging needed to vivify this… easy, right?(!)”

Makey Makey’s signature red features heavily on the rejigged boxes (goodbye garish green!); flanked by several fun and creative elements that illustrate the product’s purpose and proposition. For the retail box, Merge added die-cut bananas and directly attached the alligator clips to them; all displayed in the transparent top ‘diorama’ area for all to see. Merge also devised our collectible carrying tin as a bonus; for users to store their Makey Makey components in.

Here's the new Internet Edition box in front of the old green "pizza box"

For the second box, designed smaller to ship in the mail, they went with an elegant white sleeve over a top/bottom two part sturdy cardboard box that the Makey Makey ships in and can also live in long term. Dave and Liam had a good time opening and closing their prototype boxes when they first arrived.

When creating a product, you have to sell the idea to yourself; to your team; as well as your customers. Everything stemming from that product and brand should be as authentic as possible; consistent with your mission, values, and beliefs. Consistent with your own soul.

Granted, that’s a tall order for a box (!)... but we’re pretty pleased with how this one’s turned out! It really has gone from ‘simple’ to ‘sensational’.

Coming soon to a retailer near you…