Makey Makey and littleBits launch module

Introducing the Makey Makey Bit: a small-but-perfectly-formed innovation enabling littleBits users to transform prosaic everyday objects (pretty much anything) into a touchpad - using nothing more than alligator clips, a computer, and some magnets.

Makey Makey module - top

Visually, the new module is slightly smaller than the standard Makey Makey circuit board (and finished in littleBits’ signature purple on white). The Bit connects to a computer through a micro USB cable and has three inputs: a left arrow, a right arrow, and a space bar/mouse click. It’s flanked, top and bottom, by three magnetic panels allowing the module to snap on to other Bits - like servos, switches, and triggers.

Three kinds of connection are possible:

  • Touch-to-Bit -- Trigger your Bits into action by linking the Makey Makey to a conductive object.
  • Bit-to-Computer -- Link up with other Bits - like sensors and triggers - to control the cursors on your computer.
  • Touch-to-Computer -- Control your computer’s cursor using any object that has conductivity: oranges; foil; even people.

But this is no creative compromise! The new product is one of the initial outputs of littleBits’ bitLab: an opportunity for external developers to create their own modules. Speaking online about the partnership, JoyLabz CEO, Jay Silver, said:

“There’s this huge range of input and output possibilities with littleBits and a huge range of everyday objects - in fact the whole world - that you connect to with Makey Makey; and we’ve now put these together.”

The new product launched on April 21. Purchase your chosen kit now from the littleBits online store. Seasoned littleBits makers can buy the Makey Makey Bit for $49.95, to kickstart their next art/engineering/tech project, while newbies might prefer the Makey Makey Starter Bundle, which for $229 includes the Makey Makey Bit and the littleBits Deluxe Kit: a total of 19 bits, 4 accessories, and a step-by-step booklet to make 15 projects.

For some applied inspiration, check out these lovely littleBits vids:

Or, just use your imagination...

A previous version of this story listed the early bird price for the Makey Makey Starter Bundle at $125.

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