Kids Get Wired with Makey Makey this Spring

Makey Makey is the inspiration for a new after‐school program; one that’s running for the first time during Spring Break.

Hardware Engineering: Get Wired with Makey Makey is the latest addition to Engineering For Kids’ growing catalog of STEM‐focused after‐school activities.

Get Wired is designed to encourage students aged between 7 and 14 to work together to create controllers for various types of video games: for Flash, Scratch, platform games, and simulations.

Engineering For Kids is a franchise network of after‐school and summer camp programs, founded to inspire the next generation of engineers.

“We're so excited about our partnership with Makey Makey because it allows us to open doors for students to become hardware engineers and solve real‐world design challenges,”’ says Carmen Andersen, Manager of Program Development at Engineering For Kids. “The pilot program went extremely well and we expect Get Wired and Makey Makey to be popular during the 2015 summer camp season.”

Engineering for Kids currently has 125 locations – across 32 US states and 14 countries worldwide.

To find out more about Get Wired, or to search for a program near you, visit

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