We like to… ‘Mouffe’ it!

Is it a serene festival chill out tent? Or a high tech piece of interactive hardware? Somehow Mouffe manages to be both.

The brainchild of a small Canadian collective of artists and developers, Mouffe certainly is unique. Billed as a fusion between a daydream simulator and an interactive art installation, at first glance Mouffe resembles a small pop-up tent. Even its interior supports this theory – it’s filled with scatter cushions and beanbags. A large quilt lines the floor.

However, while the patchwork may closely resemble something Grandma and her sewing samurai could have thrown together, it’s actually a control pad used to manipulate abstract animations projected on the tent’s ceiling.

Armed with conductive thread, quilt pieces, and a Makey Makey, over a two month period fabricator Kim Hoang; programmer Ben Swinden; musician Zachary Soares; and animator Hamish Lambert dedicated some serious lab time to creating Mouffe when they met last year at Concordia University’s Critical Hit video game incubator, in Montreal.

“Using the Makey Makey was really important for us to help simplify the design process and get the project finished in the limited amount of time we had,” they tell us. “So far we've shown the project at several events in Texas, L.A. and Toronto. The reception has been really overwhelmingly positive!”

The team has big ambitions to take Mouffe far and wide across the festival circuit. They’ve raised over $2,000 via Indiegogo – enough money to buy a new projector – and plans are afoot to get other developers involved in creating new games.

You can find out more about the project at: http://mouffegame.com

You can also check out the Google Hangout we did with the Mouffe team last week here:

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