Makey Makey Takes Manhattan

The JoyLabz crew hit the New York Toy Fair earlier this month (between February 14 and 17) for the second year in a row. Yup – we brought Makey Makey to downtown Manhattan, where it held its head high alongside new offerings from toy titans like Crayola, Nintendo, and Disney.

Armed with our new packaging, and sporting bright yellow shirts and neon blue hoodies we set about showcasing Makey Makey in some unique and eye-catching ways – as an eight foot Wind Chime Tree, a one button Game Center, a mini Copper Tape Keyboard, and (of course) as a Banana Piano.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures, the four-day event attracted over 1,100 exhibitors, bringing some 13,000 buyers from over 100 countries. The venue itself was similarly impressive – about the size of seven football fields.

Yet our humble 10x10 booth got a good deal of attention: from attendees, other exhibitors, and even the media (turns out Fox News <3 Makey Makey – who knew?). We were in great company – the rest of the Tech Toys section made us feel very welcome. Our noteworthy neighbors included: MOSS Modular Robotics, Goldiblox, Sphero, and Ozobot. And the official Toy Fair band House of Waters were pretty awesome too.

COO of Makey Makey