Makey Makey recognized as ‘design classic’ by MoMA

You heard right.

Late last year Makey Makey (along with Arduino, Ototo, the Colour Chaser, and the DIY Gamer Kit) was inducted into The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York; joining its esteemed ‘Humble Masterpieces’ collection.

The collection, first organized in 2004, exhibits well-known everyday objects that are all too often overlooked from a design perspective. Other pieces in the collection include: the Tennis Ball, Rubik’s Cube, and the Frisbee – and many more.

The rationale behind including Makey Makey in the collection, according to MoMA, is the fact it “reflects the deep and central role technology and interface design now play in education, production, and our everyday lives.”

For us, it’s a real honor – and a fist bump for makers everywhere.

On March 15 you can rock up to MoMA and experience Makey Makey for yourself with the Soho Sunday Become an Inventor with Makey Makey! event.

COO of Makey Makey