Introducing Makey Makey: the Collector’s edition

Coming soon to a store near you…

With the help of the awesome Merge Design + Interactive, we’ve revamped Makey Makey’s packaging. We've given it a sleek new look before it hits shelves later this year.

Yup, the stakes are high now we’ve gone all mainstream; so it’s out with the green and in with Makey Makey’s signature red and white for the Collector’s edition.

The new design also incorporates our most famous serving suggestion – the Banana Piano. In fact we’ve made it into something of a feature. Our tagline’s front and center, and the product itself is neatly showcased in a see-through pocket.

Inside, accompanying the cables, clips, and board, you’ll find an all-new tin carry case – the perfect way to keep your Makey Makey box fresh.

Not bad for $69.95.

COO of Makey Makey