"Even kids know that technology is necessary for life in the 21st century, so we need to get a handle on what we need to know.” – Elizabeth, TechGirlz Entrepreneur Camp - July 2014

Do you know a “TechGirl”? Maybe you don’t even know that you do...


Statistics show that while many girls harbor a natural curiosity in technology and business while younger, if this interest isn't supported and encouraged, it tends to fade.

TechGirlz is here to inspire young women to shatter the statistics! Check out some of the free, hands-on TechShopz we offer for girls here.

Teach a TechShop and Get Involved! TechGirlz hosts and promotes a variety of events for young women in tech as well as a Technology and Entreprenuer Summer Camp. Are you interested in running your own event? TechShopz in a Box makes it easy! If you would like to Run Your Own TechShop, click here for more information, or contact us today.