The Kaleidoscope Fishbowl: Makey Makey In The Classroom

Teaching "innovation" is tough because you are trying to trigger a whole range of skills at once. Ryan Read (@Ryan7Read) has a series of blog posts about this. In this post he looks at using Makey Makey as a complementary exploration of innovation with 4th Graders.

Makey Makey is a natural fit in our 4th grade class, because it bridges two concurrent units. The first is a unit on electricity and magnetism. The second is a unit on technology and innovation. Since Makey Makey relies on completing a circuit using conductors, it's a great extension for exploring completed circuits and the use of conductors. Used in conjunction with Squishy Circuits, it can really expand students' concept of conductors. But because Makey Makey blends the physical world with the virtual world, it's also a great way to explore innovation.

Fish In Water: Makey Makey Project from Sammy Keyes on Vimeo.

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