“EPICS” program serving K-12 schools

Tom Heck (@TomHeck) is about to take up the role of introducing EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service) to K-12 schools. EPICS is a programme run out of Purdue University. Tom has kicked off a conversation about the project:

My goal is to (1) train 5th grade teachers of the normal functioning students to use the Makey Makey as a tool to teach introductory engineering and design skills. Then (2) after the 5th graders have some skill using the Makey Makey, challenge them to make Assistive Technology solutions for the kids in their school who live with disabilities.

I already have two elementary schools ready to pilot this project. Once I get the model wired I’ll share the curriculum online and train teachers online as part of my work with EPICS K-12 at Purdue.

Please reach out to Tom if this is of interest to you.

Tom has done some amazing things in the past, so it's really exciting to see what will be achieved with the resources of Purdue.

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