We're going to be at Maker Camp!

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We have assembled a crack team of awesome! Beau Silver, Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver will be the focus of Maker Camp (@MakerCamp) on Wednesday!

Week 5: DIY Music

AUGUST 4th–8th — We may not know the name of the song, but if you hum a few bars, we can probably build an instrument to play it on. We learn how at Maker Camp this week. While building a guitar or an amplifier may seem like something only craftspeople can do, you’d be surprised what you can make with a few parts scrounged from around your home. Then it’ll be time to jam with other campers and make some noise! Supercampers: To make every single Daily Project this week, some things you may need to buy are a piezo and an Arduino. The rest you probably have on hand, but please check each project page for the tools and materials to be sure you are all stocked up. We're always adding to each week's schedule: check back for updates!

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