Thrifting, Repurposing & Technology by BlossomTeaches

Mrs. Blossom (@blossomteaches) describes how it's possible to create engaging technology learning experiences on a budget:

Because teachers are apt to feel strained financially due to a lack of budget/stipends and a growing list of needs, thrifting can become an invaluable habit. For this particular exploration in using the Makey Makey in my classroom teaching, I chose to repurpose four glass mason jars. Originally, when headed to the thrift store, I had no good ideas for how I wanted to innovatively use the Makey Makey in my classroom. Seeing many fun, unique items, I settled on four, simple, run-of-the-mill glass jars. Why? As confident as I am that teachers often do not have the funding they need for classroom materials, I am even more confident in teacher’s ability to gather too much stuff. I chose the glass jars for this particular repurposing project knowing that the jars themselves could be continuously repurposed in my classroom even after used with the Makey Makey kit.

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